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You Are What You Eat

Midwife/Middle School Science Teacher | San Antonio, TX | 3-Pers

If you haven't checked out Ampersand located on 29th and Alberta in NE Portland, I urge you to stop in sometime, especially durring a Last Thursday event. The small shop specializes in books and retail committed to cultural preservation of historic and contemporary documents and collectables. You can purchase anything from vintage Playboy magazines, to hundred year old love letters written to long gone romantics.

The space doubles as a gallery featuring monthly rotating shows. The show which ends today  is appropriately titled [You Are What You Eat]( by Mark Menjivar. The show is a series of portraits made by examining the interiors of refrigerators in homes across the United States. Menjivar explores the issue of hunger and how our food consumption as individuals effects ourselves as well as our communities.

Food Artist bar tender

Food Artist . New York, NY . 1 person house           Bar Tender . San Antonio, TX . 1 person hold . Runs small vegan bakery from her                 household . Goes to sleep at 8AM and apartment                                                                 wakes up at 4PM daily.

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