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Week 6 // Succulent Heaven

succulents At least I think it's week 6. I lost track, life has been a bit hectic the last few weeks. I've been stockpiling fun DIY ideas for the wedding in July, many of which involve succulents, my favorite of plants. So I headed to Pistils Nursery where I buy all my plants, and bought half a box full. Lucky for me, they had a Groupon for 60% off today! So I can buy more guilt free!

I'm buying them early in hopes they grow in size a bit before July. Now i'm on the hunt for dried cotton plants...

In other news, the herb garden is still growing. Although I think something isn't right. They have true leaves, but they just don't seem to be maturing very quickly. Is that normal? Also the lavender doesn't seem very lavender ish yet. Anyone have any thoughts?

week 6

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