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Television Stand DIY


With Piet and I moving into our own place at the end of the month, I have decided to re-vamp a few furniture items in order to fit into our new decor. This little TV stand which we inherited from some friends was the first to get some attention.


I started out by stripping it of all its handles and hinges and giving it a good cleaning to free it from dust.

The next step was to paint the whole thing. You can really use any paint, I chose a high gloss indoor / outdoor paint to prevent any water damage if we chose to use it for something other than a TV stand in the future. I also chose a glossy finish because I knew I would be sanding it down quite a bit for the distressed look, yet I wanted to retain some of the gloss and protection. I have since discovered Milk Paint, and am eager to find a project on which I can try it out on.

I sanded down all the edges and areas of the doors that may get a little more worn down over years of use. I stayed on the conservative side of things, but you can go as sand paper crazy as you like and it will only enhance the distressed look.


Put it all back together and you're done!

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