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The ongoing adventures of Keven and Piet in Portland, Oregon.


Packing up and shipping out

Friends! Family!

We have big news! In August we will begin one of the biggest adventures so far in our lives. We’re packing up and shipping out… to the Netherlands! 🇳🇱 Piet was offered a job in Amsterdam, and we accepted!

Portland has been our home together ever since we got married 7 years ago (and home to Keven her whole life). We have such a close connection with our community here and it’s going to be a tough transition, but we’re super excited to have this adventure together and to be closer to Piet’s roots.

We’re going to miss so many of you in Portland, and we’ve had more than one weepy moment thinking about the people we’re leaving. We’re planning on having a home in Leiden with a spare bedroom and we’d love for you all to come visit! Maybe not all at once though. 😛

We’re also going to arrange a big going away party so keep an eye out for that some time in July.

In the meantime we’ll be getting ready to leave August 1st, which includes selling the house, arranging for the pets to travel, shipping some of our belongings, and having an estate sale for the rest.

We love you all and hope to spend time and enjoy the Portland summer together before we head out. Happy times!

Lots of love
Piet & Keven

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