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The ongoing adventures of Keven and Piet in Portland, Oregon.


Our Newest Family Member

Spoiler alert, it's a dog not a child. Don't want to get anyone too excited. Anyway… :)

On Saturday May 27th 2013 a very nervous, very tall, red-brindle greyhound named Slider walked into our home for the first time. Slider was his track name, it didn't suit him. So he bacame Django Reinhardt van Zoen.

For the first few weeks he was nervous and sensitive, but always very sweet and quiet. Each week since, he has become more and more confident.

So far Django mostly enjoys: food, walks, leaning on people, camping, Keven, and (most recently) running like a f**king cheetah.

Folder full of Django photos here.

Thanks to our friends/neighbours Cat and Wade for all the awesome photos from our coastal camping trip this last weekend.

Django Montage

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