Cafe van Zoen

The ongoing adventures of Keven and Piet in Portland, Oregon.


Matthew Albanese // Strange Worlds

feilds after storm

Fields, After the Storm - faux fur, cotton, sifted tile grout. picture a day certainly didn't last long, but i'm trying to make up for it by posting more visually wonderful goodies I find. Like Matthew Albanese. His work involves construction of small scale models using a hodge podge of materials to create life live landscapes.


Tornado - steel wool, cotton, ground parsley & moss

paprika mars

Paprika Mars - 12 lbs paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder & charcoal.


Aurora Borealis - beam of colored light against a black curtain. Stars are strobe like through holes in cork board. Trees composited from real life.

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