Cafe van Zoen

The ongoing adventures of Keven and Piet in Portland, Oregon.


I Gotta Have More Lava Rock

Friday night we hosted my work BBQ and christened our new DIY firepit. Here's how we did it:

Step 1 - Dig a hole. About a foot deep with a 4 foot diameter.

Step 2 - Fill the bottom with lava rock.

Step 3 - Line the sides with bricks and fill the gaps with lava rock. We got some bricks for free from a friend, but I'm pretty sure it would be easy to find some on Craigslist.

Step 4 - Get Keven to prettify with suculents, moss and some stepables. Throw in some spare logs for seats and...


New Firepit

Total cost? The bricks were free. The lava rock was $5 for a bag. That's it!

Also, lava rock is the new cow bell.

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