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Fall means Pumpkins

van Zoen home - front porch

Well folks, its Fall in Portland again, and that means layers, scarves, gloves, cuddles and the annual gaining of 5 lbs. Such a glorious time of year! We haven't yet made our own trip to the pumpkin patch, but here are a few beautifully crafted takes on the traditional Jack-O-Lantern.

10-31-08 pumpkin branchesoakHauntlaceyglobeElsita

A note of experience: If you try any of the designs where you're only shaving off the top layers of the pumpkin or gourd, candles don't do well due to general lack of oxygen, or for smaller pumpkins, the flames tend to be too close to the top and end up burning the inside. Try either cutting a vent in the back of the pumpkin or using a small LED light instead of a candle.

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