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Chalkboard DIY

DIY ChalkboardDYI Chalkboard

Now that school is out for the Summer I have way more free time to complete the stock pile of projects i've been aching to get crackin' on. Here is one little fun and easy DIY I did yesterday. I made chalkboards!

The main idea was so I could use them for our wedding next month, but now that they are finished I am for sure using one in the kitchen.

I just used Krylon Chalkboard spray paint and someĀ Plywerk blank panels. You can also find some neat pieces of wood that have some old painting on it at Goodwill, like the one above, and just paint over it. I added some embellishment with white paint on one of them, but it's not needed.

The paint can go on just about any surface, so get creative!

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