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A very merry van Zoen 2012

This year has been a busy one for Keven and me.

In May Keven and I bought our first home together. I successfully refinished all the wood floors with the invaluable help of a couple friends who know far more about wood floors than I did/do. Keven then went about beautifying everything else inside the house and with the garden. I'd make decorating suggestions every now-and-again, but they were flatly (and rightly) disregarded by Keven. Once we had our spare room ready we decided to put it on Airbnb for people to come and stay! We've met a lot of interesting people. Check out our room on Airbnb.

Our summer included a rather fantastic July 4th/housewarming party and my Mum and stepdad visiting Portland for six weeks! As always it's great to have the whole family together in one place and share all our Portland goings-on.

The summer weather stretched well into October which gave us lots of opportunaties to enjoy some new toys. :)

Yes! In September Keven and I took our motorcycle training course to get our licences. We got to know our new steeds on a terrific camping road trip with our friends Dan and Molly, who also ride. My bike (left) is a 1979 Yamaha XS650. Keven's bike is a 1984 Kawasaki KZ550. Both are gorgeous and a lot of fun to ride.

Work wise for me this year has been a wonderful adventure in the growing team at Daylight Studio. I joined Daylight in October 2011 as a contacter and was officially employed in the new year. Since then the team has grown to six fantastic people who are all a joy to work with. Daily foosball games and related smack-talking are the norm for the office.

Keven has been applying her interior design talents to other people's homes as a house stager (Stumptown Staging) where she prettifies homes that are for sale. She's been really successful and everyone who works with her loves her. She's also been working at Urban Nest realty wearing a variety of hats. Urban Nest is also the realty office who helped us buy our home and we couldn't be happier with them. If you're thinking of buying a house get in touch with them, you won't regret it.

Those are the main highlights for this year. Except for two more little additions to our family:

Meet Svetlana (left) and Greta (right). The elegant lady on the left is a French Rex and the muppet on the right is an English Angora. Despite their heritage they get along beautifully.

On the horizon for us is a trip to Europe for my Dutch grandmother's 100th birthday (!!!) in April and a super secret project of Keven's that you may be hearing more about.

Expect to see more regular posts of our adventures here.

Happy 2012.


Piet & Keven

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